lørdag 17. april 2010

Wardrobe Organisation & Champagne

Jeg har nå fått ryddet og vasket ut av klesskapene mine og det er en HERLIG følelse!  Jeg hater rot, og før jeg begynte, var skapene mine blitt til et toalt kaos. Jeg drømmer om et 'walk in closet', men det får vente til jeg får meg et hus. Enn så lenge, er det mulig å ha den skjønneste orden i to knøttsmå overfylte skap? Ja, det er det! Alt man trenger er litt kreativitet.

For ideer, besøk gjerne;
Getting Organised!
*Empty your wardrobe completely

*Clean all sections including the bar using a mild bleach free cleaning fluid

*Go through all your clothes, shoes and accessories

*Section items into resale/charity/archive/keep

*Relocate archive items in either a separate wardrobe section or storage solution such as vacuum packed or wrapped in acid free tissue and boxed

*Be firm with yourself don’t hang on to dated/tired items unless sentimental

*If you are unsure of something try it on

*Box any sentimental items and store elsewhere

*Consider your lifestyle and tailor your wardrobe to it

*Streamline you wardrobe by re-hanging on matching hangers Practical Princess rubberised

*hangers are specifically designed for each garment and reduce any damage or misshape

*Re-hang garments in sections i.e. all jackets together all shirts together

*Colour coordinate your garments 

*If possible keep seasons separate and cover out of season garments to protect from dust

*If you do not have the space store items with Practical Princess specialist garment storage 

*Only have what you are wearing in your wardrobe this will make it much quicker and easier to get dressed and reduce repeat buying
*Update classic pieces with accessories or a new pair of shoes

*Replace basics such as vests t-shirts and everyday shoes regularly

*Template fold vests, t-shirts and fine knits and section by colour and type

*Line your drawers with our scented drawer liners for fresh smelling clothes 
*(se mitt tips nederst på siden)

*Use drawer dividers to section underwear, tights, belts, scarves and ties 

*Photograph and store shoes in our cardboard shoe drawers this protects them from dust and sunlight.

*Use Practical Princess bespoke shoe software to create a clear photographic image label for quick reference

*These boxes can be stacked whilst the shoes remain easily accessible

*Take handbags out of their protective covers and use for travel or to retain the handbags shape 

*Store bags in size and colour somewhere that you can see them


Selv legger jeg alltid min favoritt parfyme i undertøysskuffen:) Da vil undertøyet mitt alltid dufte av min favorittparfyme :) 

picture by a norwegian housecat

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